Employee wellness reduces healthcare costs and ensures a healthier bottom line for your business.
Workshops are a great first step to improving health in the workplace and helping employees feel better and improve productivity!



As a Certified Health Coach, I facilitate life-changing, on site corporate wellness workshops and programs for healthy, productive employees.  My workshops educate employees about simple but profound changes they can make to create a more productive day and a healthier life! The workshops are a fun and informative forum, with education and lively discussion about healthy living. I use an interactive approach to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment. This approach allows participants to share their stories and interact with other attendees. Participants also receive valuable handouts and recipes so they can continue the learning long after the Workshop.

Participants learn:

  • Foods and lifestyle choices that can fuel the body instead of those that cause poor health and deplete energy
  • How to make better food and lifestyle choices at work and at home
  • Actions to achieve personal goals
  • Options for ongoing support after the Workshop



Health and Wellness Workshops are a win-win for both employers and employees!

Popular Wellness Workshop topics include:

  • 10 Keys for Healthy Eating

I provide 10 easy ways to improve diet, manage weight, boost energy level, and prevent disease.  Simply, I de-mystify healthy eating!  We all hear conflicting reports about what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Doesn’t it seem as if one day a food is “in,” the next week it’s “out?” What makes super foods super, anyway? Your employees will learn to separate food fact from fiction by attending this popular workshop.

  • Cold-Busters: Nutrition Strategies to Boost Your Immune System

Want to reduce the severity of cold symptoms on your workforce and productivity?  This Workshop delivers easy-to-use, proven health strategies that enhance the body’s immune function. I will show your employees how to protect themselves, their families and their co-workers and stay healthier this season!  I share foods that boost the immune system. This engaging workshop encourages interactive participation, with a question-and-answer segment following the presentation.

  • Beating the Sugar Blues

The growing number of people with diabetes and obesity is crippling our communities and workforce, not to mention employers’ health insurance costs. The average American consumes 30 teaspoons of sugar every day, without even realizing it! Sugar can pack on the pounds, zap your energy, run down your immune system, make you moody and less productive on the job. In this workshop, I will demonstrate simple steps and proven strategies to help your employees understand why they crave sugar and how they can break the habit. This workshop helps people feel better, look better and have more energy, recipes and fact sheets so your employees can keep learning long after the Workshop.

  • High Energy Eating

One of my most popular Workshops, High Energy Eating offers three easy steps employees can take right now to boost their energy the healthy way!  I also show employees how to sleep better and make simple food changes for overall life improvement.  Employees love learning how to take control of their nutrition to have more energy.  I also reveal the secret regarding why their morning ritual could be the #1 thing that is making them tired!  Real-life success stories, myth-busting tips and exercises with other participants make this a high-energy Workshop!

It was a wonderful experience!!
Sandy was wonderful to work with and the Crave detox was a very professional, well thought out and innovative program. Sandy was always very well prepared so that we didn’t have to do too much legwork on the front end or during the program to get it off the ground and make sure that everyone was happy. Add to that, the program itself is fantastic in that it is extremely educational with not just the “hows” but the “whys” and adaptive to any type of individual! Our students benefited so much from the program, we were so happy with the way it turned out. In the past, we’ve had detoxes that were too overbearing or not educational enough and made it difficult, but Sandy does a wonderful job checking in with everyone and adapting to make sure everyone is getting something out of it!
It was a wonderful experience!!
Becky & Matt
Owners, Infinity Yoga

My group of 6 lost over 150 pounds.
Sandy came to my office to assist myself and my associates in our New Years’ resolution to begin eating healthy. Sandy met with each of the associates individually and tailored a plan specifically for them to reach their goals. She acknowledged that each of us are individuals with different sets of challenges and that there is no such thing as a “One Eating Plan Fits All.” Sandy provided us with knowledge, an awareness of what we were eating and why, and options for healthy substitutions. My group of 6 lost over 150 pounds and we were not dieting, but eating healthy for our bodies. That was a great triumph for us all, but more importantly, we acquired tools that we can use to assist us in eating healthy and being happy for the rest of lives.
I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone that wants to begin that journey to a healthy body & mind.”
“Great Results, Personable, Expert”
— Jini Thornton

I’ve lost weight and I sleep better!
Our office was given a gift.

At first meeting I felt you were educated and interested in not just the food, but overall education of your clients.
Before I started working with you I was eating too much processed food.
Now I know how to read labels and make good food choices for myself and my children. I learned how to make “good for me food” appetizing.
As a result of working with you, I’ve lost weight and I sleep better! You gave me the gift of good food for my daughter, and you were someone to talk through issues with and how they relate to my food choices.
Sandy is well rounded, educated, caring, energetic, and resourceful. You should definitely work with her. She changed my life!
It has been enlightening – a journey to rediscovering me and finding out that I can control very few things in life, but FOOD and health, I CAN!” — Kellye B

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Sandy Dalis, CHHC, AADP

Certified Holistic Health Coach